56 geoSmart Segments (1-56) Within 11 Groups

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Why Use Socioeconomic Status and Family Orientation

The two most powerful drivers of why different types of people choose to live in particular places are Family Orientation and Socioeconomic Status:

Family Orientation discriminates between family areas where there are kids, mortgages and large houses and non-family areas where young and older independent singles & couples choose to live. Family Orientation taps into lifecycle stage which is a key driver of needs across most categories.

Socioeconomic Status (SES)   represents the combined effect of educational attainment, occupational status and income and is a key driver of the spending power and quality of purchases made by people to meet their needs. SES drives the price/quality trade-off that is often the most critical factor in brand positioning.

While psychographics influence consumer behaviour at the individual level, they tend to be overpowered in geospatial data by more powerful factors like spending power, cultural influences and established household expenditure patterns, which are all integral to the geoSmart Scheme's construction.

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Key geoSmart Applications

ANALYSE Market Performance

Market penetration, gap analysis, acquisition and churn, performance attribution

ENHANCE with External Data

Household spend, automotive, finances, psychographics, media consumption, behaviour, brands, performance drivers

PROFILE Customer Behaviour

Customer value, website visitation, products purchased, behaviour, channel usage, campaign response

PLAN Customer Campaigns

Products purchased, wallet headroom, channel usage, psychographics

TARGET External Media

Nielsen - CMV, Eyeota, IVE Group, geoTribes Explorer

Finding Your Target geoSmart Segments

The key to effective use of geoSmart is finding your best target segments. These are usually the big spenders in your category or aligned to your brand positioning.

You can find your best target geoSmart Segments by...

  • Profiling your customer database through the geoTribes Living Insights and Quick Append Portals

  • Profiling your retail network footprint or other geographic areas with geoTribes Explorer Solution

  • Using geoTribes household expenditure profiles

  • Using media planning systems like CMV (Nielsen)

  • Using the detailed profiling available for geoSmart to work out which segments to target

geosmart group

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Cultural Diversity and the Aging Population

We are currently witnessing a dramatic shift in the multicultural character of Australian consumers.

Most recently, migrants from North & South Asia have had a substantial impact on the character of areas across the country, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne but also to a lesser extent across metropolitan Australia.

Recent migrants from a diversity of multicultural backgrounds tend to be younger, while much of the growing boomer and retiree population is Caucasian. Thus cultural diversity and lifecycle changes are intertwined as factors in the new Australian marketplace.

geoSmart Segments are optimised to differentiate across the emerging multicultural landscape with 24 of the 56 geoSmart Segments having a distinctive multicultural flavour to their character.