Integrate Customer Knowledge Using a Single Segmentation Framework

geoTribes Segmentation provides a single, consistent framework for knowledge integration across multiple information sources to support deeper customer understanding, planning and activation.

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Meet the 15 geoTribes Segments

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Built on Two Key Consumer Drivers

The geoTribes segment architecture is based on lifecycle stage and socioeconomic status (SES), two key drivers of purchasing behaviour, media consumption and consumer psychology.

Socioeconomic Status

Based on Education, Occupation and Main Earner Income. It measures consumer spending power, disposition to enjoy a broader range of lifestyle experiences and the ability to engage in more sophisticated need states.

Lifecycle Stage

Due to its unique probability algorithm geoTribes gives strong discrimination across lifecycle stages, so it taps into the key driver of needs arousal across a broad range of categories.

Consumers within each of the 15 geoTribes Segments tend to have similar personal narratives, attitudes and preferences - likes, dislikes, aspirational figures and compulsions to purchase 'must have' products and brands. While individuals inevitably vary on personal dimensions, their similarities on these shared traits makes geoTribes a uniquely powerful segmentation framework.

A Unique Data Appending Process

geoTribes Segments are appended to audience, customer and survey research databases using either:

Our sophisticated probability algorithm combines geographic segment concentrations with the age band of individual database records to allocate geoTribes Segments, so each adult in a household gets the segment that's right for their age.

geoTribes Applications

geoTribes is a ready made segmentation that can help you identify your target segments, inform your strategic and tactical initiatives, accelerate your marketing ROI and promote long-term growth.

An Enterprise Segmentation You Can Activate Anywhere

More than just a research report and presentation, geoTribes Segments can be quickly integrated into database analytics, CRM systems, survey research and audience activation to create an effective consumer-centric enterprise-wide segmentation scheme. Use the 15 standard segments or build your own using the geoTribes framework.

Digital, Social and OOH Audience Activation

Activate social, digital and OOH audiences with the same underlying needs profiles as your best customers.

Precision Geotargeting

Map and analyze market geographies or retail footprints at a state, city, county or postal level by geoTribes segment to better understand market performance or explore new growth opportunities.

Database Analytics

Append geoTribes to your databases to build deeper behavioral insights and better understand market performance. Analyze web traffic by geoTribes Segment to help optimize your marketing and media strategies.

Rich Consumer Profiling

geoTribes provides key insights about the motivations and values of each segment. Researchers can fill in the rest from the content collected on their own surveys after appending geoTribes Segments through the Quick Append Portal.

Multi-Country Representation

Tag surveys and databases and profile geographies with the same proven needs based segments across the five 'anglo' countries; Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and USA.

Who’s Using geoTribes

geoTribes segments are used by insight managers and analysts in mid to large sized corporations and their agencies, especially in industries with limited customer transactions data or a need to integrate insights across multiple information sources.